Drilling Equipment

Driling equipment

As one of Europe's leading provider of drilling equipment inspections, and acknowledged NS-2 inspection company, we deliver complete inspection solutions. We provide annual and semi-annual inspection for all drilling equipment including onshore inspection of tooling and drill-strings.

Our drilling equipment inspectors go through internal quality programs in order to always keep the highes standard of integrity. In addition to this program they are certified NS-2 inspectors approved by Fearnley Procter Ltd.

Drilling equipment program:

  • Special Designed Lifting Appliances (SDLA)
  • DS-1
  • NS-2
  • API Specs
  • ISO Standards
  • Rotary connections
  • Loose drilling equipment such as - Elevators, Elevator links, Bushings, Slips etc.

Offshore inspections:

  • SDLA
  • Annual and Semi-Annual inspections
  • Fixed drilling equipment such as - Top Drive, Drawworks, Compensators, Racking arms etc.
  • Sub Sea equipment, such as Diverter handling tool, Riser running tool, RAM blocks for BOP etc.