Lifting Equipment

Loose lifting

As an approved Entreprise of Competence (EoC) we provide periodic inspection and certification of lifting gear according to governing requirements. In relation to this we also provide services such as studies, analysis, lifting operations and investigations.

Areas of expertice:

  • Loose lifting gear
  • Special Designed Lifting Appliances (SDLA)
  • Lifting appliances
  • Load testing
  • Certification
  • H2 - Initial Control
  • H3 - Periodic Control
  • H4 - Extraordinary Control
  • Inspection at the end of the design life span or safe work period
  • Safety Assesment
  • Life Saving Appliances
  • Periodic surveys of Fall Arrest Systems
  • Advanced lifting and rigging operations
  • Analyisis such as - Blind Zone, Gap etc.
  • Material Handling plans
  • Studies such as - Feasability, risk, safety etc.

With multi-discipline personnel combining rope access and NDT methods this provide customers with cost and time effective solutions.