Derrick Integrity


We have experience with both inspection and engineering services for derricks. This can include life-span analysis of specific equipment, global analysis with respect to equipment upgrade/replacement, risk based inspection programs, providing derrick integrity management, such as DROPS.

Derrick Safety:

  • DROPS Handbooks
  • Derrick Inspection
  • Bolt inspection
  • Closing of findings
  • Lifting equipment inspections
  • Structural intergrity

Inspection and modification:

  • Material handling
  • Rigging operations
  • Upgrade of drilling packages and modification
  • Pressurized system inspection and modification
  • Windwall repairs


  • High pressure washing of derricks

Rope Access Technique (RAT) is a cost effective alternative to traditional means of access such as scaffolding and staging. The true benefits of rope access are realized when the current cost to access an area is disproportionate to the amount of work that has to be carried out. Small crews of multi-disciplined technicians can often accomplish in hours, work that previously took days to complete using conventional access methods. A well-planned, small, multi-disciplined composite crew onboard takes up less bed space and less valuable deck space too, and is capable of performing various planned maintenance tasks.